Friday, June 29, 2012

Family Fun Friday & Vitamin D Therapy

This Friday we spent a portion of our day at a friend's house swimming. This is not out of the norm for us in the Summer time. Often Fridays consume of the five of us doing something together, but the husband had to work, so it was just the kids and I.

It is always important to me , to incorporate many days in our summer outside. A few summers ago, I went to a preschool teaching conference and was given the privelage of learning that Vitamin D deficiancy is on the rise, and for those who live on the coast ~ we are at an even HIGHER risk. Sounds strange right? Well, since we have so much more sun exposer then most, our bodies have become accustomed to it, and therefore they require a bit more. All the children who stay indoors playing video games, watching tv, not only are they not engaging their minds, they are running a risk of losing much needed Vitamin D. Ever feel "not quite right" in the summer? You know, tired, lethargic, just not wanting to do much? It's not the heat! IT's the lack of being outside in the sun and getting your natural dose of Vitamin D. I kid around saying I am "getting my Vitamin D therapy" when I am sun bathing and working on my tan, but indeed I am doing more then that! I always come home refreshed, refocused, and ready to get things done, as well as ready to relax. Go for a walk out there! Go for a swim! Go get a tan! (Please use sunscreen!)


I am not a doctor by any means! If you have concerns for Vitamin D deficiancy please see your doctor for accurate blood tests. Getting outside is only ONE natural way to allow your body to  replace depleted levels of Vitamin D. It just so much more for you inside and out then taking a tiny supplement!

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