Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's hard to say goodbye

Most of you know that I am a preschool teacher, and just wrapped up my EIGHTH year of being so profoundly impacted by the tiny generation. The school year had some firsts for me, lots of firsts for them, and through it all  we have come to know one another very well. They learned it was easy to make me giggle, and how much my heart hurt when they made poor choices that had a result that not only effected their own immediate future, but the future of the whole class.

I am very in awe of all that God shows me each and every school year. This year, He began to show me areas in my teaching where He has anointed me and gifted me. Before I go any further,  please do not think that I am speaking in an arrogant way. I am not boasting about what *I* can do, but indeed embracing what God is doing through me! Teaching does not come difficult for me, and in many ways it gives life and purpose to what I do. For me it isn't just a "job", as many in the preschool field will maybe start out their teaching career with the young ones, but for me this IS my career. Yes it is a lot of work. YES I do often use family time to start, finish, or create something for the classroom ~ even in summer.

I say all this to tell you saying goodbye to each one of those children yesterday as we had our last day of school before Summer break, truly broke my heart! It was hard. It was painful. Yet, I was strong not to break down in front of them. I was smart enough to know NOT to disassemble the classroom too early on, as they do get a bit unsettled. (Made that mistake before!) I did explain to many parents that this is why I teach the 3's. I still get to see them next year! I still get to hug and squeeze them ONE more year, along with a whole new crew!

Teachers often get a bad rap, thanks to a few that made news headlines, but please know that we do care! We do miss your children, and it is a sad day to have to say goodbye! I know me personally, they are often like my own children. I hurt when they hurt. I get baffled on how to properly train them in their character building, and helping parents set a good foundation for these little ones to grow on. I can also honestly say that each child in my class KNOWS I love them, and I know this because of the way they love me back! I often jokingly tell my husband he just should be thankful that I can't just pluck them up and bring them all home with me! :)

Today is the first day of Summer, and I am still processing the "goodbyes". Thanks for allowing me to share this part of my life with you, as I know I do not usually blog about the classroom! Because of privacy laws I am unable to share the pictures of this part of my life, but I will forever remember each one of these children. They have a part of my heart, and will always remain in mine.


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