Monday, June 25, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: June 25, 2012

Last week there wasn't much of a menu plan because I didn't spend much time at home. It was the week in the summer that I spent taking care of my mother in love while my husband's sister and husband went on vacation. While it was a joy to be there, I am thankful to be home, and ready to get back to having some sort of plan again.

B: Waffles, Sausage, and eggs
L: Chili dogs and chips
D: Chicken Fried Venison, fully loaded mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, biscuts, and cream gravy
Dessert: Pecan Pie

B: Poptarts (a once in a while treat)
L:  Sandwhiches and Chips
D: Bacon Grilled Cheese and Pasta Salad
Dessert:  Pecan Pie

B: Cereal and toast
L: Ravioli w/ crackers
D: Cheese steaks, and chips
Dessert: Fudge Pops

Wednesday (Girl comes home from camp!!)
B: Cereal and Toast
L: Corndogs
D: 3 Step Italian Chicken* , Corn Salad, 30 minute rolls
Dessert: Ice Cream

Thursday (Waterpark day)
B: Cinnamon Coffee Cake
L: Picnic at the Waterpark
D: Pinto Beans, Rice, Sausage, and Cornbread
Dessert: No Bake Oreo Treats

B: Kolaches
L:  Pocket sandwhiches
D: Mexican Chicken Ring, Guacamole, Cheese dip and chips
Dessert: No Bake Oreo Treats

B: Eggs, Bacon, Hashbrowns, Toast
L: Bubble Pizza Casserole
D: Grilled Burgers and Home Fries
Dessert: Death by Chocolate

Things look to be a good and tasty week!If you are a menu planner, or needing some inspiration to spice up your weekly menu then hop on over to Laura's blog at I'm an Ogranized Junkie for Menu Plan Monday! All recipes marked with a * are new to this blog and will be shared on the blog this week, perhaps for "Tasty Tuesday".


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