Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crafty weekend: Dust Bunny Eliminator

This week hasn't been a normal kind of week, but i do have to say it has been a productive and wonderful week!

Here is the duster project I was attempting this week. It came out "okay" but would really rather just buy the replacements for the hand duster. Love.the, idea of using felt pieces though for the sweeper though!!

Swiffer Sweeper
Here is the step by step (pictures)
1. Purchase a few rectangles of felt. I thought the green would go with the natural theme of the swiffer so I got green. Place the swiffer on top of the felt.

2. Trim around the swiffer allowing the curve for the edges. LEAVE enough lip to tuck in the tucks.

3. Tuck in and sweep!

Hand Duster:
1. Fold one sheet of felt in 1/2. (This is where I will interject to do it but use TWO sheets for a more fluffier duster.)

2. Cut 1 strip of felt 2 inches wide to allow enough room for the handle to be tucked in.

3. Hand stitch (Or with your sewing machine) around the strip in the middle of folded felt.

4. Trip the felt to have a rounded top.

5. Cut strips (not cutting the stitched felt piece) along the sides and top.

6. Insert Handle and fluff.

This was not a very complicated craft, yet it was practical for the house AND was done in just a few short minutes!

This next week, my crafty plan is to make a few note cards! I love crafting cards, and with the house getting organized, and rainy weather on the way, it will be a great way to spend a rainy afternoon AND get a few cards ready to send out to friends!

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