Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday: Let Freedom REIGN

God has provided a very reasonable pause in Weight loss Wednesday, as today there is much more important things to discuss then that. Freedom!

There is much on my mind this morning, right this minute in fact about freedom, and what it means to me specifically. There is a lot of freedom rights that are changing at this very moment in history, and reminds me nothing stays the same, except one thing. The freedom God has given us through HIS son Jesus!

There are times in my day when I begin to slowly peel away the freedom God has given me. Freedom to love, to honor, to worship, to serve. I peel those layers off, and then I find bondage, pain, a bruised soul. Freedom never was nor is ever meant to be a band aid to fix something. It is here to take away those things forever. If we find ourselves feeling like we are still in a prison, whether it be one of self doubt, self righteousness, or a prison we allow others to have put us in, then we are not allowing our self to embrace the freedom the way it was intended. We might as well give up all our rights, walk back into that prison cell, and close the door behind us.

Or, we can choose to look at that dark place of imprisonment in our hearts, and embrace the freedom that has always been there. With God Almighty ~ Freedom is ALWAYS an option. But you have to stop going back and forth. Either your FREE or your not!

As we spend time today celebrating the birth of our Nation, the ones who fought for our freedom in this country, let us remember the ONE who gave us true freedom!


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