Sunday, August 26, 2012

A life transformed, time for school, and a storm?

Here in Texas we have lots of exciting things going on. Tomorrow for most of the state, is the first day of public school. This is the moment that I am thankful preschool started a week before, as tomorrow is going to be much less stressful! The kids will go for a full week before having their first three day weekend! My birthday is Saturday! And.... once again, we are carefully watching the gulf. It has been noted twice by two different people that this particular storm (Tropical Storm Issac) is taking on the not only the same course as Hurricane Ike did in 2008, but now .... our gulf waters are about the same temperature if not warmer when Hurricane Ike gained his strength before crashing right into Baytown.

The difference between this time and last? Even the difference between the first day of school last year and this year? I have began to completely put my faith AND trust in God, and God alone. There is rest for the restless, peace for the chaos, and joy for the embracing of each moment ~ both good and bad. I almost HATE saying "bad" anymore, because it isn't. Days are not bad. People are not bad. Things are not bad. They may be misconstrued, misused, abused, but never bad. God did NOT create any mistakes ~ this is with people, situations, weather. It is just something to either fight, or embrace. Those are your choices.

This morning I realized I am more judgemental than I ever would want to admit. Even though it may have taken me YEARS to get to where I am, I often get discouraged to not see much change in others. I realize how God just works in our lives differently, and really I don't need to worry about others, what they are learning, or even how they choose to live. It only matters, if I allow their choices to effect mine, their behavior to deter mine, their words/actions to become mine. All I am responsible for is simply being me, and being open to let God work in me as needed. As HE sees fit.

I realize that no matter how much I "try" to fix things, I honestly can't change the world, if I don't change myself. And to be honest, I can't change myself alone. In fact. God has to begin that change process within me, encourage me with just the right words, and give me that push to decide it's time. Think how much time , how much of your life you have wasted on things in your life that really are not yours to fix.

Letting go of these things, allowing God to move in our midst, is one of the BIGGEST life changing things we can do. And guess what. If we spend time fixing ourselves as God leads us, not only will we find victory, but we will not have the time nor the energy to try to fix others.

Today at church I let go of two strongholds. The largest of them is my "love" "fascination" and "drive" to diet , and the second is judging and trying to fix others. I am very observant, and often can see right through people, and in some ways that is good. People tend to naturally come to me with issues, and I love that. BUT I tend to get carried away in my "help", and then get frustrated when they do not fix it. I don't like when I see people downright being disrespectful, rude, or even rebellious because it doesn't make sense to me. Why? But then I have to realize I too at times have been and can be those same things. I don't LIKE being rude, but it happens. I don't intend to be disrespectful but it happens. I don't set out to be rebellious but sometimes I am selfish and want my way. I am thankful for God revealing these things to me today through today's church service. Things *I* personally needed, and God knew. He spoke, and hallelujah I was there to listen!


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