Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Teen in the House

It is hard to believe my baby girl is officially a teenager! Where has time gone?! Am I really old enough to have a teen in the house?!

Dearest Kristen,
You are an amazing girl. I love you very much. God was so generous and gracious when he crafted you in my womb. He gave me a little "minime" and I couldn't be more honored. I remember when I first held you in my arms, you stole my heart right away. As soon as they removed you from the warmth of my body, you reached up and grabbed the nurses glasses, and you have been reaching for the stars ever since. I am completely amazed at your strength, your power, your beauty. In so many ways we are alike, yet in so many more we are completely different. You, as our oldest child is a daily reminder of the goodness that God took out of both your father and I to combine into one amazing daughter! I love you!

One thing I want you to always remember, is to be yourself. That is the greatest gift you can give this world. Even when they (society) or even I push you to change who you are, you keep being you! You are teaching me many things about staying true to who I am instead of falling into the expecations of others. Even though you are the child and I am the mother, you forever will teach me many things.

Love always,

P.S. Please grow up much slower from this point forward. We have made it through many milestones, but i am not ready for dating, engagements, marriage and grandchildren! Last I noticed you were three and very proud of your twin brothers. Then I turned around and your are now in your last year of Jr. High, a cheerleader, as tall as me and a complete knockout!


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