Sunday, August 12, 2012

My one wish....

My one wish.

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 Sure we all have them. Ideas. Not just any idea but THE idea. Then I pour a cup of coffee and I realize that idea that I have had in my head for so very long, that I got comfortable with it being there~ and me not doing anything about it.

Do you know what that one wish is? It's nothing profound like saving the world, ending world hunger, or even ending childhood obesity forever. To some, it may simply be a selfish idea. Too self focused, too honorary. But, I am no longer ashamed to share my one wish here, because you have already made the choice to accept me for who I am ~ or you wouldn't be reading this right now. (That your one of those car accident watchers who just can't help themselves!) Here goes! My one wish is this....

To feel comfortable in my own skin!

Ever been there? To that one place where everything feels right, and you know that no matter what you are okay even if your stranded on a desert island alone with nothing.

We go through this life trying to measure up to some one's (or even our own) impossible standards, yet we never discover who we are, what actually makes us who we are.

It's not
  • running every day of our life for the sake of running and saying you can.
  • being the fastest runner.
  • being a mother, teacher, wife
  • the fact that you are a great/novice cook in your kitchen.
  • that you look 10 years younger then you actually do.
  • that you dress better then any of your friends.
  • that you have well mannered kids.
  • insert your own misconception here.

It's NONE of those things!! What really makes us who we are ~ is what is deep down inside. The life changing moments of trusting when that's all you have left. It's in the hoping in the idea of change because you have done everything else. It's about dancing in the rain ~ not caring if the neighbors are inside looking out their windows. It's about being able to go to the grocery store/Walmart WITHOUT makeup on!

The things that make us who we are, are the things that are everlasting deep within. They are the things within us that indeed bring comfort in our own skin~ being able to overlook the flaws of this life. One thing I have really dug in and discovered this summer is that until you STOP looking at your own flaws, you will not be able to stop looking at the flaws of others and see them for what makes them, well... them. Don't misunderstand me, I am always about improving ourselves, trying to do better. But for me, I have noticed when I dig in and nit pick all the things I don't like about myself ~ I begin to do that to the ones around me, more often and more harshly with those I love. That is NOT who I am. I am an encourager, a lover, a friend. Someone who encourages, loves, and is friendly ~ does not dig holes deeper in the lives of the ones around them. They instead get a shovel, and help fill those holes with love, kindness, and gentleness.

I am in tears at this moment ~ because as I type this out, I realize.... THAT is who I am! That is what makes me comfortable in my own skin. It isn't backbiting someone else, being unkind, watching others slip down the ladder of success while I still climb, pulling away from those that need good hearted friends. It is however, lending an ear when a friend needs to vent ~ because she can't vent anywhere else and not find judgement. It is helping those who are struggling to find their joy and contentment where God has purposely placed them. It is enjoying every moment of the day, with those GOD has given us in our path, even if there is conflict within personalities. Being a blessing is the biggest blessing YOU or I could ever receive.


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