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New School Year Committments ~ Professional and Personal

Change. It's in the air! Can you feel it? Maybe it's the teacher excitement coming out in me, but it almost feels like.... NEW YEARS EVE to me!! Don't you love New Year's Eve? I do! I love everything about it, from the reflection, the celebration, to well... the excitement of new changes and goals that I want to set for myself. And , it is so ironic that I am not the only one with this "change in the atmosphere" kind of thinking either.

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For the first time in ...well EVER, I have decided to do a "New School Year Committment List". If you have puttered around here much, you know I do love setting goals. I am good at setting them. Not so good at following through ~ completely. Yet, I have begun to instill the necessities into finishing what we start with our kids. Even when the going gets tough, and we are not sure we could face one more practice, one more game /tournement, etc. We finish what we start. There are some goals I have made in the past, that I have not followed through with that will also be added to this list. I will break this down into two areas of my life : Professional Committments and Personal Committments.

Professional Commitments

1. I will embrace each new day as a gift ~ and allow the children and adults in my classroom that same pleasure.

2. I will encourage the ones who need encouraging (and to be honest, this is everyone from managment, teacher level, to students and subs as well as parents and other caregivers).

3.  I will accept opportunities to further my professional development whether it be in continuing education conferences or in reading books on the task at hand.

4. How I treat people today, changes who they think they can be tomorrow ~ both little and big. Be wise with your words, be forefront with your motives, and be a leader with your actions.

5. I will remember I cannot do this on my own! I need help from God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to get through each moment ~ both the lovely to be able to see it, and the ugly to be able to push through it.

6. By the end of the school year "the book" will be written!

Personal Committments

1. Each school day will start with prayer and a walk/run and a large cold bottle of water. Why? Gotta get on my face and on my feet to get the mind alert and take care of this temple. Taking care of me, ensures I will be able to take care of the blessings (all those in my care from family to students) in my life.

2. I will embrace each new day as a gift and encourage others to do so as well. (This is repeated on purpose!)

3. I am in charge of my thought life. It is my choice to allow negative thinking or positive thinking to move my motives throughout the day. Positive thinking is allowed everyday!

4. I am not allowed to say who I think I am. I must reflect on who God says I am. He does NOT say I am a failure, weak, or unable to be self disciplined; but rather calls me to that kind of daily disciplined lifestyle as an "ambassador" of His, a victor, and strong. For in my weakness is HIS strength ~ and together we can move mountains!

5. When I walk outside that front door ~ I reflect all that happens on the inside in the quiet of "private". The two shall not be different.

6. If it drains the energy out of me it's time to adjust. If it is simply God stretching my character, I will endure. If it is fruitless, I will prune.

7. Embracing life as a gift ~ living this life with purpose doesn't leave much time for mansy pansy time robbers. Blogging is NOT a time robber, but endless time on the computer is. Praising God for giving me the desire and ability to lay down a structure and follow it! Boundaries people!

The Little Details

1. I will eat cleaner~ for a cleaner fuel leads to less maintenance check ups. The processed junk is no longer a part of my daily regimen. (That is the only "Diet" restriction I will allow myself at this time.) I could never "give it up" completely ~ nor do I want to, but c'mon. Who really needs ice cream every single day?

2. I will be evaluating the "contacts" on my "friend" lists on facebook and other social media. If it is not fruitful, like said above, it will be pruned.

3. Once the school year starts, really not sure how often I will be online for things like social media, but blogging will continue. I was a blogger way before I ever was involved in myspace, youtube, facebook, or twitter. (Did you know that social media is the largest time robber of your day? For some of you, it's not but the majority of us are too busy looking into one another's buisiness that our own is neglected.) I may even remove the fb/twitter/youtube apps from my phone so it's not such a temptation when I do have a moment of time.

4. I will no longer try to live up to the expectations of you. (lol. Yes if your reading this I do indeed mean you.) The one misconception that I am allowing myself to let go of is this desire and need to appear perfect to whatever standards you want to hold me to. I am free to be me. I am allowing myself that freedom, because that is an area I need to learn how to do again, how to grow in. For so long I lived to be the girl that had her act together while dying on the inside because I knew I couldn't be that. For two years I faked it ~ I tried to be perfect, and in the trying I was broken in a way that will take a while to mend. See, I need to embrace the fact that I snort when I laugh really hard, would rather eat peanut butter M&M's for dinner then a salad, have an imperfect body that has given me so much life and joy along with birthing three children, my heart still flutters when I see my husband after a long day part, I get weepy in the same parts of the same movie even if I have seen it a hundred times, and this list could go on and on. I want others at work (everyone actually) to like me, to be my friend, though I no longer NEED their approval.

5. I will allow myself the chance to live! Completely!


P.s The blogs I used to write in :Living with a Purpose and Healthy God's Weigh are NO longer. What I have to say, is here. Can be shared here.

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