Friday, August 10, 2012

The RIGHT choice is not always easy and sometimes it is downright painful.

Now that the hard couple of posts are out of the way, I have to keep sharing all that God is showing me! It amazes me how individual HE is, and the way he will gently whisper the clear directions. Do we have enough trust to follow? Do we have enough desire to listen? OF course we do ~ but it's a choice. Every single thing we do in our lives is just that ~ a choice. Go left, or go right? Walk or drive? Coffee or tea? The list could go on and on. But the point is what we do matters, and every choice you make matters even more. Will your choice be the same from day to day? Maybe. If it's a right choice. I choose to love my husband everyday, and be blessed in my marriage but I don't always choose to sit outside and watch the clouds. The choices that matter the most are NOT always the easy ones and sometimes the right choices hurt the most.

Last night I was reading more in The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon and I was amazed to come to a part that just described exactly what I was going through! It was a gift from God as a reminder that this is indeed the right way for me ~ to let go of the negative things in my life, and hold onto the positive ones. Even if the world doesn't agree with me, or even question my motives. It's okay! It really isn't about me, or even about what I am doing that bothers others. Often, it's about what they are missing that bothers them the most. (Breath in, and breath out.)

"And this negativity not only kills productivity and companies, George, it also kills people. Self - doubt, fear, hopelessness, and negative energy drain you and sabotage everything you want in life and all the success you desire," Joy added. "So the same negativity these people represent is also inside you. That's why you got to feed the positive dog, George."
"But I have these negative people on my bus. And a few other negative people who didnt' want to get on my bus. Are you saying I'm the problem and that they are not the problem?" George asked. "I'm quite frankly a little confused."
"Listen, George,  you are too close to the problem to see it. The problem is that you are taking it too personal. Step back for a moment. Don't focus on these people personally. Forget they even have names. Don't think of it as you versus them. Just realize that they represent the negativity that will always be around you. The important thing is to know how to deal with the negativity and what to do with it. So let's first deal with the negative people who didn't get on your bus," Joy said. "Show him rule #5, Danny".
Rule #5 ~ Don't waste your energy on those who don't get on your bus.

How many times do we have someone reject us for what ever reason ,and instead of moving forward we find our self doubting our decision, questioning our motives, and focusing on even more negativity then when we first began?! Yeah. Embrace the fact that you do NOT have to deal with it. Let it go. NOT everyone is going to like you, like what you do, and may even be spiteful. It's okay! Even Jesus faced denial, a slap in the face, spitting in his face, and downright gossip behind his back.

Working in the public is something that changes you. You realize that there is more in this world then just your little problems at home. There is a whole other universe out there, and we are created to be out there ~ in it, becoming world changers not just sitting comfortably on our couch wishing the world would change around us. As a teacher, we are raising world changers every single day. We can encourage them to dig deep within them, and reach for their dreams, or we can belittle them and tell them they are incapable of passing a test let alone becoming the president! It's a choice. The words we speak, write, type are out there forever, never to return to it's original state of silence. Are you encouraging others in a positive way, or a negative?

This all may over the top for some of you, and you may think I am off my rocker. That's okay! Really, it is because I know what's happening in my life around me. I have been blessed with some amazing "cheerleaders" in my life who are rooting me to victory and freedom, and I am so very thankful would be sitting with me on my bus right now! I love that!!

I also realize who much time I have wasted. Two years. Well, I will backtrack. It wasn't wasted time. It too was a learning time. A place of spiritual growth, a time of reflection, and I wouldn't be the same today if I didn't go through that period of time. People have come and gone from that time period in my life, and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

Setting boundaries up in our lives to set us up for success is wise. Learning what to share, when to share, and whom to share with is wise. Getting on the energy bus?? The best choice I ever made, along with living by the "No Complaining Rule". George learned that the ones he did not expect to get on his bus got on ~ they welcomed the idea. The one he thought would be the first one on the bus, rejected the whole idea. It's not about anyone else really, it is however how you deal with the energy that comes from the acceptance and rejection. "Your positive energy and vision must be greater than anyone's and everyone's negativity. Your certainty must be greater than everyone's doubt."

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