Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time To Chat Tuesday

I don't always do this, but I HAVE to share my facebook status this morning, because it is a symphony of the tune my heart is singing!

"Waking up, realizing I was given a new day to worship, to live, to enjoy an amazing life is the way to Rock a Tuesday! So blessed to be living the life I am ~ KNOWING I am fulfilling my purpose in this life, doing what I was made to do has in me AWE of God Almighty! Praying that each person who reads this can find and walk in their purpose with PASSION and ADORATION of our Creator. Stop dwelling in the past ~ and embrace today!"

There have been times in my teaching career where self-doubt and unhappiness had taken over. Almost to the point of quitting and returning to retail. This unhappiness really trickled into my personal life, and relationships. BUT, I must say there has been something ignited within me this past summer that has me digging deeper within. Do you want to know what I realized? When we do what God put in us to do, life is so fulfilling! We find joy in the little things! We find peace even in times of uncertainty. We find this overwhelming ability to dig deeper, work harder, AND still end our day with tons of energy for life!

Yesterday was the BEST start to school ever! It is hard for me to say that because I can look back and think to a few years that were pretty good, some that were just downright rough. If I am going to be honest though ~ yesterday was indeed the BEST start! Open house the other night was an indicator, but the first day of school is always what sets the tone for the first few weeks of school, and in turn the year. I do not want to sound egotistical at all, but this is the year that is going to be the deal maker for me! See, I have been LONGING to write a book ~ to encourage teachers (especially new and upcoming preschool teachers), as our job tends to be difficult at times. When I was new ~ the very first question I would ask was "What was I thinking?!". LOL

When we truly walk in our Divine purpose that God specifically called us to ~ it opens the door to possibility! I want not what dreams I can create, but the dreams that GOD HIMSELF has created for me! I am learning when I walk in this purpose, HE fills me! He gives me courage to make bold moves in the day. He strengthens me when I am exhausted! He helps me to have tread on my shoes when I need to hike through a difficult moment. He gives me joy for my tears. I could go on and on, and it seems really funny to be writing this when just on Saturday I was completely depleted. I have reignited my nightly prayer journal writing. Tired, exhausted, no energy left in me, I am still committed to writing.

I open up the Pandora App on my phone, listen to a "Free Chapel" channel (They are my favorite at the moment), and let the music soothe my soul encouraging me to worship as I write a love letter to God. Saturday and Sunday it had quite a few prayer requests in it that I needed to unload. Burdens I had been carrying around foolishly, not giving to my Father God. Last nights prayer journal entry was full of praise, and then a few requests but not for myself ~ others. Walking in His purpose, seeking His face, God gives us what we desire. Even the little things. I can't believe how consumed we can be with ourselves even in the jobs we have. It is so sad to me, how much teaching time was really spent with a lot of self-focus thinking.

One of our new school staff rules is that we are not allowed to have our phones in the classroom. Guess what!! THAT was the MOST FREEING thing that could have happened! I know not everyone agrees with me, and I really don't care! Ending the school day KNOWING that my focus was where it should be, and that I took every opportunity to engage with each child in the day was what could be called a successful day. Better then that, I realize how distracted we are as people. I realize how easy it is to get distracted by outside influences. I am thankful. Very thankful. God gives us boundaries in our lives through our authorities and with that comes a choice. Obey or sin. Anytime we cross the  boundary line to choose to do things our own way, we are indeed choosing to tell God we are better then He, and we also chose to tell those in authority over us that we will not respect their position as an authority. This was just a prime example of how when we choose to obey that boundary line ~ there is reward! The reward for me, was that the BURDEN of having my phone is the classroom is lifted. The ones who NEED to get a hold of me can because I have given them the # to the office. I no longer FEEL like I have to give everyone my undivided attention. I give it to the ones I am there to give it to!

Have a blessed Tuesday! Embrace the moments of today, and BE PRESENT where God has you today! Engage with the people around you!


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