Saturday, September 29, 2012

Still following....

Yesterday I shared about letting go of the reigns and following the lead of my husband, the direct headship that God has placed in my daily life under him of course. I am still amazed at how much better things are and I am realizing how great things are when I do. I was created to be a leader in the preschool community, but of our marriage. I have had many people tell me how old fashioned my belief's are, but as I get older wiser those old fashioned tendencies have been growing deep within me. I find great peace and joy when I allow myself to be that "old fashioned" kind of lady. When I think of the way I would like things to be, and the way things are in this world, I am almost sick to my stomach. I don't want my daughter to be like the way society is, but I see it in her thinking.  She is in that stage where anything that doesn't look familiar is interesting. Being like her friends, is what she longs for but if she could ONLY see the big picture! Then I stop myself and think .... "Wow Mrs. Sheila! How many times have you "taken control" or "taken matters into your own hands" because you thought it was more interesting or even, easier then waiting on God's lead?".  I am sitting here almost nauseous! How many times have I tried to "fix" things my own way?! It makes me so very sad to think of what I could have missed out on because I did things my way. I am so very thankful, humbled, and amazed that God did allow me the chance to see this, and to change my heart to look for HIS lead ~ and to honor and trust those whom He put in my life to lead me. Those who are in authority over me, have been hand picked by God Almighty ~ such as my husband, and my boss. I realize when I joyfully submit to these people in my life and do what I can to honor and serve them then God not only blesses me, but I am lead to things I would never imagine possible! This weekend this has been made evident in my life. God has shown me that letting go of things that are not mine to worry about, to manipulate, to 'work out', allows me to do what I need to do each day and allows my husband to lead our family in a wise and proper way. I get to do what I need to, and nothing more ~ nothing less. THAT is good!

I love this pic! That big snail is God, the middle one the hubster, and that teeny tiny one? Yeah that's me.

Working on these things in my daily life, not only keeps me from looking at what may be wrong in your life (ha ha lucky you!), BUT it keeps me focused on God! It keeps me looking to Him for his leading. If I am not working on these things, I realize I miss out. Nothing else. I either choose to embrace life for every moment, or I sit and not focus and miss out on moments that were hand orchestrated just for me to see. WHY would I choose to give that away? Oh my word, friends I cannot tell you the conviction in my life as of late. Just in three weeks time, we have been in a whirlwind of both personal growth, but more importantly spiritual growth. A season of harvest in deed, yet a season of planting new seeds at the same time. I am in a personal time of daily "church" ~ a time looking for God's leading, enjoying His word, responding to His conviction, and I wouldn't have been able to do this if I hadn't let go of a few things in my life that wasn't as fruitful as it may have appeared. I am no longer one of those people who struggled Sunday afternoon all the way through until Sunday morning again to hear from Him. No way! I am daily seeking God and I don't want to let go of that. EVER! I am understanding what it truly is being a Christ follower ~ not just a church go-er. So different! Being a Christ follower, allows me to see these intimate moments more then just on a two hour church service once a week! In fact, it is more then even knowing who Jesus Christ is. I can't tell you how many people I know who think they got their life together because they attend church every time the doors open, yet there is no fruit from their life to prove the testimony of Jesus. That is scary. I have been one of them. There is so much more then simply sitting in church, serving in a ministry, having a title. It is about the things you do in private more then what others see you do on Sunday. Do you talk different? Perhaps dress different? Is your life evident of change? I did not intend for this post to get so serious but I felt this desperate need to share my heart openly. It is so important for us to LIVE in this moment that God has given us, and be able to live in it freely ~ understanding the desires and the motives of God's heart. When we do that ~ it makes the difficult things that happen in our life more understandable, and acceptable. It also makes us more appreciative of those blessings ~ both big and small.


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