Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Listen to the Whispers

Whispers are such an intimate way to communicate. Being a preschool teacher of three year olds, they begin about this time of year LOVING to share secrets with me. They like to pull my hair back from my ear (in such a sweet and gentle way) and whisper away. Sometimes it is so quiet, so soft that I can't decipher the entire thing they shared but .... the look of amazement and joy from sharing a secret with their teacher is just the sweetest thing!

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In a classroom, and even in my home I have learned that when I whisper ~ ears are willing to listen much more closely. They may hear things I have been saying for a week for the very first time through a whisper.

Lately I have been listening for the sweetest whisper of all. The whisper of the Lord God Almighty. The whisper that is so gentle, yet very firm. The whisper that grabs your attention in such an intimate way that there is NO DOUBT whom it was. There has been a few changes in our family predicament even in the last week. Good changes but changes that need HIS clear direction. His perfect timing. His will above ours.

These are the whispers I keep hearing:

1. Trust me! Take a deep breath, and know that I have YOUR family's best interest for MY GLORY in this! The world as you know it will be changed ~ and there will be hearts moved to me through this.

2. My timing isn't yours! You have no idea what I see ahead, and what you are going to be saved from. Just continue on, and trust!

3. Every moment matters.

Pretty powerful if you ask me, but I am in the midst of this particular situation.To you, it may not mean as much. But do you hear whispers? Can you hear His voice? It's not this thundering booming voice like you imagine as a kid. It's kind. Gentle. Peaceful. Purposeful.

Whispers. They often are like the wind. IF we are not seeking God's glory and His will in the things we give ourselves to, we will NOT hear the whispers. How can we? They can't be heard over that mental chatter we have going all day long. (That is for the women. I have heard through the grapevine that men do NOT have the constant chatter going.) If our goal in our day is to seek OUR goals, OUR glory, words of appreciation from this world, approval of people over God, then there is no room for God to even come and visit, let alone have such an intimate conversation with you that it has to be whispered.


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