Thursday, October 11, 2012

Passing the test

It's not easy! Tests are not easy! Especially the kind you do not necessarily prepare for ahead of time. They are so much like those pop quizzes we hated in school. There have been  many ups and downs lately in our home, in each of our lives.

So many sweet people have told me how much inspiration I give them to seek God more in their lives, and how open I share. While I love the sweet comments, let me say that I indeed have days that aren't so inspiring and if anything leaves me more broken then I ever felt before. Today is one of those days. Those kind of days that really test who you are and what you really adore.


The other day I prayed that God would make my heart break for things that breaks God's. Especially in my life that displeases or hurts God. I have no desire to live in a way that the world we live in may approve, but has no Heavenly value.

God is jealous and rightly so.

He is jealous for our heart, time, passion, devotion.

I am done making God chase me. I am ready to chase HIM!

He is my everything, and days where I am being tested in the areas that grab my heart the most I am learning that even on the hardest days they are more precious then they would be alone. If this gives you any kind of nudge ~ I pray it is a nudge to choose to chase Him, and do your stinkin best to pass the test!


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