Sunday, October 7, 2012



Seems that is what I have been longing for lately. Quiet. Calm. Peace. Almost nothingness. When I googled "quiet' in photos ~ I was amazed at the various expressions of quiet. Some were very tranquil, yet it didn't express my desire for quiet. Words, I don't even know if it can comprehend the need, the desire, the passion.

Quiet. Not making a noise that is audible yet speaks volumes.

Quiet. Simply just being, and not having to be anything more or less.


A busy life and a busy mind is anything but Quiet. There are times for reflections, and a few hush moments from time to time, but really .... quiet is hard to come by. Most times, we are afraid of quiet ~ afraid of the thought of nothingness, yet there is more to be found in the quiet then could ever be found in a busy life/mind. There's an old saying "The quietest of people have the loudest of minds" and that is so very true. Quiet people are often thought of being melancholy or even withdrawn, but if we stop and think they are the ones who often are most reflective, wise, and grounded people we know. I am not quiet. I long for quiet.

Quiet. Letting the voices that command attention simply fade in the background to nothing.

Quiet. Embracing the moment for what it is ~ and not expecting anything more of it.

Quiet. That moment between breaths, filled with expectation.

When one is quiet, it doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong. Could be everything is right. In the quiet ~ we hear solutions, we see visions of passions coming forth, we feel calm and peace, and we smell the beautiful joy deep within.



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