Monday, October 15, 2012

The start of the symphony

I sit here in complete awe watching God move in our life in a way that only God can. He is the ultimate multitasker! Working in circumstances AND our hearts all at the same time.

That peace that passes all understanding that can only come from Him. The joy that comes from knowing HE has orchestrated these moments in  our life that even we alone could not make happen no matter how hard we tried! The hope that comes from knowing NOTHING God wants to give us/do for us is to harm us!

Knowing there is something so big and beautiful on the horizon, reminds me that God clearly shared with me that I was in a season of harvest. Little did I know it would go beyond the classroom. Little did I know He meant in every area of my life! Those quiet moments, a comment shared between husband and wife, are reminders of many whispers shared between wife and God! Knowing the desires of my own heart  ~ and seeing God be so attentive is so very humbling. I cannot tell you how many times I have cried out "Who am I?".

He has been reminding me that this is His plan ~ and sometimes we have to NOT have that safety net and simply trust in Him alone. That is a huge yet confronting reminder of God's heart! Through this whole event, I have learned to cleave to my husband and simply allow him to be the one whom I share the most in this adventure mainly because this is for the both of us. God is doing His thing in us as a couple ~ and it is a beautiful thing to not only be a part of but to witness in the man I love. Other friends and family mean well ~ but sometimes it comes down to just the two of us. And that is AMAZING! Sometimes difficult but even more so wonderful. I have come to find much respect for my husband in allowing him to lead our family in the way God is directing. I have come to reach a new understanding for some of the decisions he has made in the past, and even currently. Having him reveal his heart for me and our children through his actions and decisions I am finding this new passion for him, and I am just full of contentment in the moment.

I hope to be able to share more in depth as the days pass, and really I can't wait to share this whole journey with you all ~ and to document it for our family as well as time allows. Lots of little things in our life seem so "out of character" and have changed our daily routine lately. Guess what!? That's okay! God is in the midst of this King family, and by golly I wouldn't have it any other way!


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