Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The whispers of your heart ~ sing JOY!

There is joy deep within. There is this lightness in my step and a brightness in my vision. I can breath and feel the air enter my lungs, and escape with a feeling of satisfaction. Joy.

So many people I know find their joy through outside forces. It always depends on someone else. It changes who they are, yet they have not found joy. It isn't truly joy that you find outside of something deeper within you. True JOY is not found by anything seen, manipulated, man made. JOY is found within yourself. Not for who think you are at this moment or what you have done (For those are man made and often are fleeting.) Joy is not found through other people, though true joy is contagious. JOY leaves an impression on people ~ opens the windows of hope.

JOY. It's what keeps me going sometimes even in times that are dark, lonely, and pure utter hell on earth. It is in those moments that God reigns in my life ~ where HIS grace is found. It is in His grace that JOY lives. It is in HIS wisdom, that Joy stands strong. It is in HIS mercy, that joy is expressed to others.

JOY! It's not just something at Christmas time that we sing about. JOY is a way you live. Putting God first and foremost at all times, even in times when your flesh wants to do something completely out of character ~ his character. JOY is about putting others first, serving when it feels like that is all you do. JOY is about living a life that brings glory to God, working hard striving to live a pure and holy life ~ even when it goes against the grain of the society you live in. JOY cannot be made. JOY cannot be manipulated. JOY is deep.


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