Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This life is not my own

"This life is not my own, to You I belong. I give myself I give myself to you!" ~ Lyrics from one of my favorite praise and worship songs. (see video below)

I have been keeping hush about some changes we were looking to make this year in our home with our family, only alluding to "change". Before I begin, let me say my desire is always to be in God's will for our family ~ not our own.

Through the teachings I have been learning lately, and really finally walking them out and truly living them, I no longer want to live to please my desires. Oh believe me it is a struggle, but when it is all said and done ~ I would rather know that I am living in a way that God has created for me to live, rather then any way WE have created. Sure my flesh wants things ~ my emotions get all wrapped up in those desires. But I have been in the situation where I gave into the flesh and then really felt no better in the long run.

Being on THIS side of it, I am thankful for a wise husband. I am thankful that God sees the bigger picture, and that my husband looks to see the bigger picture as well. For the last three weeks I have spent a lot of time and energy on something that wasn't the right decision. It was an exhausting time, BUT....... I am thankful for every moment of it! Why? Because through it we as a family, have sought God out for HIS plan in our life ~in our family. We have grown closer beacuse we were not telling all of our friends and family. It was something we had to work out ~ as husband and wife, father and mother. It grew our family in ways that skipping over the last month may not have EVER grown it. I truly believe that.

So, no major change for the King clan right now. God is ever faithful, and I am sitting here in peace and joy this morning.

" I give myself away, I give myself away so you can use me." Use me Lord~ right here, right now to help those who may be facing their own dissapointments. Use me, use my life to show that no matter what dissapointments we face, as long as we remain in YOU, life is beautiful!


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