Sunday, November 25, 2012

A heart and mind united: That is the goal

As we round out November, and embark on looking forward to December there is so much to anticipate. Anticipation can be either good, or bad depending on how you react to it.

The kids love looking at the tree, gifts that collect underneath and they anticipate what is in the boxes. The look at the lights and there is just something so lovely and pure about it. There have been times in life where anticipation was met with control ~ and in the end it wasn't peaceful, or pure. It was a chaotic mess.

Today for me, is a time of reflection. Reflecting on the goodness of God, and how when I let go of the reigns ~ HE leads me to places I could have never discovered on my own. How when I let go of all anticipation, and simply just wait and admire all He is doing before me brings comfort, joy, and peace.

At a time when people are tooting all their to do lists, I want nothing of it. I want to be able to wait for God's prompting and follow His lead. It may be completely different then anything I would think of doing, and honestly is hard as all get out to do. For me, taking control of the situation, getting things done and embarking on all that I KNOW to do used to bring me comfort. It used to give me worth. Now? I feel awful, empty, alone and often frustrated.

God Almighty is a GREAT leader. HE knows what I need to be doing. HE knows what my heart desires. And if I just live for Him ~ it will all come together in His time, in His way, for His glory. THAT is the symphony of my heart right now. And.... it's time to get my mind and heart united once again.


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