Thursday, November 1, 2012

And the Thankfullness BEGINS! Nov 1 ~ Relationships

Every year on Facebook, it seems that we begin a daily list of things we are thankful for. Why not blog through the month of November to coincide with that list?! Sounds like fun to me!

However, before I begin, I wanted to state one thing. I am learning to be thankful in every season of this life, every month not just November, and trying to walk in a daily remembrance to count my blessings! If your not a blogger (which I know many of you are not) then please leave a comment and share something you are thankful for today! If you are a blogger, then perhaps you would join me in thirty days of thankfulness? If you do, leave me a comment with a link to your blog and I would LOVE to stop by and visit!

This morning, here on November first it is hard to narrow it down in my mind. The biggest thing for me is realizing how thankful I am for the whole concept of relationships. Each relationship we have in our lives create in us the vision of the concept of what a relationship should be. Even if we are hurting in a relationship, we are learning. When a relationship is just being formed whether it be between future marriage partners, a mother and a child, neighbors, friends, or even just people who will continue to be acquaintances there is something to be learned, gleaned, and appreciated from it. We are learning to communicate in various ways. We are learning that not everyone is alike, and no two relationships will be alike. It is a beautiful thing really. Even the hurtful ones. Yes, I know pain is not beautiful BUT it can be if we embrace the situation and learn from it. Sometimes pain brings healing. Sometimes pain brings birth of new things.

At a time when we all look forward to family gatherings, there are some that have no kind of relationship and are alone. I am going to say something, and it isn't meant to hurt or offend. Just a thought to ponder. Being alone ... is a choice. Relationships take two. If your not willing to put yourself out there, and face whatever may come then you indeed made a choice to be alone.

Family Reunion
Brother, Princess, Sister in love
my Momma
Doodlebug, Grandma, Peanut

I like to think that we face so many various relationships because it opens our eyes to the ONE relationship that we should be nourishing, embracing, and growing in the most. The relationship with God Almighty! That is the ultimate relationship! Hurt in it comes from personal conviction, and not being able to see beyond the moment of now. God's ways are NOT our ways, but if we would only realize that He is doing things to helps us not harm us, it would be a beautiful relationship! Painful things happen in this world. This is one relationship that promises to help during those hurting moments.

I am thankful for the relationship with my husband, his family, our children, my parents, my brother and his family, friends, and each little special relationship I have with each student (and their family) every single school year. I am one rich woman because of this. I am truly blessed!


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