Monday, November 12, 2012

Menu plan Monday 11/12/2012: Thankful day 12

Menu Plan Monday
November 11/12/2012

Are you kidding me? Is it really already almost the middle of November? MY gracious! Christmas is six weeks away? Is that right? Someone please, find that time clock and slow it down!!!!

B: Eggs and Toast
D:Chipolte Crusted Pork & Ranch creamy mac n cheese casserole,. Fresh Bread
Dessert: Double Box Brownies w/ Peppermint Frosting

B: Cinnamon Rolls
D: Cheese tortellini w/ Spaghetti sauce and Garlic Bread
Dessert: Double Box Brownies w/ Peppermint Frosting

B: Chocolate Chip Muffins
D: Apricot Glazed pork tenderloin, roasted Brussels sprouts, and Cheesy Au gratin potatoes
Dessert: Double Box Brownies w/ Peppermint Frosting

B: Waffles
D: Crispy Pork Cutlet Sandwiches & Chips w/ Ranch dip
Dessert: Double Box Brownies w/ Peppermint Frosting

B: Grilled Cheese
D: Cheesy chicken & rice w/ corn and biscuits
Dessert: Ice Cream
B: Pancakes, Sausage
L: Ramen Noodles & Grilled Cheese
D: Cheesy BBQ beef garbage bread & Chips
Dessert: UNKNOWN
For more menu inspiration hop on over to I'm An Organized Junkie's blog and check out Menu Plan Monday!

Today I am really thankful for not only full cupboards/freezers, but for the growth in my homemaking skills to know that having a plan is not only important ~ but on some days crucial. I also am thankful that I have grown enough to know that sometimes having a plan is good as long as you are willing to allow the leading of the Holy Spirit to intervene and make changes as needed. I am indeed thankful for the wisdom to embrace that as often as needed! There hasn't been ONE week that I posted a menu plan that wasn't changed. And for the most part the changes were definately for the better!

Because I am working more in my blogging then I have before, I would love to connect with you! If there is any recipe that peeks your interest or wets your tastebuds ~ let me know! Would find it to be my pleasure to share the recipe with you!

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  1. No recipes but I have been reading you for a long while and have found inspiration in my visits.


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