Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful day 15: A Career I love

I am blessed to have a career that I absolutely love. Adore even. It's not just what I do, but the whole picture ~ the place, the leadership, everything. I love seeing little minds "get it" when I introduce a new activity. This year I have a group of kids that were prepared to move forward and it was such a good thing to experience. Every year is different, no two are EVER the same. Each time I go to a teaching conference I usually leave with a few new ideas either to introduce or revamp to the other ideas that have worked well. Variety ~ on a daily basis, especially with preschoolers! These kiddos energize me, and in some ways ... wind me up like the inner kid inside LONGS for! (Bwahaha)

I can play with play dough, pom poms, paint, and it has a purpose! This has been something I have done in some form or another (with the exception of a few years in my twenties) for my entire life ~ working with children. My love for these little tykes started when I was young myself. I babysat, helped out in the nursery at church, filled in for teaching Sunday school all before even high school. As I got older ~ I began to see and feel the changes happening to both them, and me. Now, this is my ninth year teaching preschool and I can't honestly imagine doing anything else. Well, except for writing.

I am so blessed to know that this is truly my calling for God in this season of my life. How long it will be, is determined only by Him. I am also thankful that God has provided my husband with a career that allows me to be able to do what I love instead of living the corporate war zone.


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