Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful day 3: The Hubster

Today I am very thankful for this precious man!

We have spent more of my life together, then I have without him! I can't imagine life without him either. He has been my night and shining armour on a daily basis, and yet he still loves me! He has seen me in the morning when I first wake up, seen me when I was sick, having our three children, and he still calls me beautiful. He is loving, wise, kind, and giving. He loves the Lord and his life shows it. He is everything that I am not ~ and truly completes me! When I am down, he brings me up. Gives me a hug, kiss, and a wink at just the right times! He is an amazing father, loving husband, and a wonderful provider for our family. He still makes my heart pitter patter, and I get those giddy feelings before I see him every evening! God surely knew what He was doing when He placed the hubby and I together.

Love you Honey!


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