Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful Day 6: Landscapes

One thing I have become so in awe of the last couple of years has been the beauty that God puts into every skyline, every sunrise/sunset, the change in the trees for each season, the flowers, etc. I used to take for granted the changes in the scenery around me, until I stopped and became more aware of who God is, and how he is more then just a "Santa Claus" in the sky. Just as God created each one of us, He is still in the creating business! Daily! No sunset is like any other ever before, and you will not see one just like it ever again. I am a big fan of clouds, and love to just look up in the sky to see what He has hand painted for me to see at just that moment. When a cold front comes in one thing that thrills me is seeing the changes in the sky, the leaves flying more rapidly from the tree's, and how the trees seem to dance in the wind.

While today is election day, and this year really seems to be more power punched then it has been in a while, there is one thing that can't be taken away from us. The ability to appreciate the nature around us. Landscapes are not created by man ~ but created by God! Sure, there are bulldozers that can take down a whole flight of tree's but ... God is the creator of the beauty!

In honor of this being my thankful of today ~ I will be making sure to take advantage of every moment I can seeing the beauty that God has put around me for this moment, for this day, for NOW.


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