Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankfulness Day 2: Holy Conviction

That's right! It's already day 2 of 30 days of thankfulness! If that is an indicator that this month will be flying by, then I guess I need to gear up and get focused! Last year my list of thankfulness went shallow ~ flat line, what one would expect. While I am thankful for the obvious things, this month I want to go DEEPER then just the obvious! They may make their appearance from time to time, but please don't think I am NOT thankful for them. I am. It's just time to go beyond .... deeper, more intimate within.

Today I am thankful for Holy conviction. Yes. I am thankful for that. Sure, there is often pain in this kind of conviction, and change is not always easy. But without Holy Conviction, I would stay the same. I would remain shallow. I would remain following the lead of man ~ not God.

It is the Holy Conviction that brought me out of the mentality that it is okay to live for just myself. It is the same conviction that led me to leave the life of "looking out for number one (self)" and realize that this world is NOT about me! Sure I may be a part of the big picture ~ but I am not in the center! I can't be. Not on a pedestal either. I don't ask my husband to bend over backwards to please me, but I will in a heart beat do that for him. I don't ask my children to serve me, but it is my joy to serve them. When I go to work I don't expect the best pay or even feel like I deserve more ~ but I do work my hardest to follow the leading of my directors. I may see things differently from time to time, but I will always work in a way that honors their wishes because THAT is what God's word says to do. Holy conviction brings change deep within ~ that personal conviction can't complete nor compete with.

If your not a blogger (which I know many of you are not) then please leave a comment and share something you are thankful for today! If you are a blogger, then perhaps you would join me in thirty days of thankfulness? If you do, leave me a comment with a link to your blog and I would LOVE to stop by and visit!


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