Monday, December 31, 2012

A Year In Review, and I know who I am!

When I went from 29 to 30 I went through a huge spiritual growth, and there was something deep within that had to change as well. This year as I went from 38 to 39 it proved to be one of the same. Tough. Daunting. Yet, in some ways so powerful that I will never be the same. Seasons as you would. Rediscovering who I am from time to time, realizing that I don't stay the same even as an adult no more so then my children do. We all grow up. We all change.

So this year, I began that rediscovery of who I am, and it's nice to know these things! (Insert goofy grin here!) So, why not make a list! (I love making lists!)

1. I am a daughter of the King! That is something I often have to remind myself. God doesn't lose his love for us, he can't! His love doesn't change ~ and he will forever love us. There is NOTHING we can do to make his love change (increase or decrease).

2. I love to cook!! I kinda knew that before, but this year brought out a new "flavor" in me ~ a desire to experiment and play with various flavors.

3. I have a passion for teaching preschool, and encouraging those who teach preschool! It's deep within me, and no matter what I try ~ it just seems to flourish and increase!

4. I can pretty much do anything I put my mind to. (I truly did not realize this until this month! Crazy I know, that it has taken this many years to realize that the power to do is in our hands, and our minds. God specifically made us that way ~ to be able to use those unique talents in ways no one else can. THAT is not being cocky either.)

5. I have been given the gift of words. (Not just the gift of gab either! Bwhahaha)

6. I am madly in love with my husband in a very deep and profound way. In a way that newlyweds have NO IDEA is possible!

7. My kids continue to amaze me, and teach me many things about life in general. I will forever be in debited to them for their love and trust in me their momma.

8. Generational curses are only continued if we allow them. Point blank. 'Nuff said.

9. My life isn't over! We shouldn't be living like it is simply by doing the same things day in and day out!

10. Coffee really is a part of my mornings!

Now..... how about a post with a few linky's to some amazing posts of this year? Here ya go! (I am blessed to be a blogger because it makes the year in review look so fun! )

By middle of January I was amazed at God's goodness and the intimate way He shows us His grace! , a place I long to remain yet can't seem to find that anchor. At the end of January, my heart was moved to understand how deceptive Satan is, and how he makes his story seem so romantic. By the end of February, I was in an overwhelmed momma's mahem with traveling with kids to and fro from one activity to another.  March was not a big time of blogging, most likely due to some good spring like weather outside, but I was led in many ways to begin to trust God in all that He is, and all that HE wants to do in my life. In  April God began working on my heart to grasp and learn about spiritual endurance. In May I celebrated my mom on the blog!  The beginning of June was a time to say goodbye to my current group of preschoolers and by the end of June it was enjoying all the fun in the sun with my three kiddos. In July my heart was opened to understand just how important words are, and how great it is to relax with a good movie all at the same time! By the middle of August it was time to get geared up for a new school year and at the end of the month I was once again inspired by the Proverbial woman. In September my heart was reawakened to become a writer that can reach many through the written words of an unspoken heart. By the end of September I was learning to follow the lead of my husband in many areas of our life. In October I was reminded over and over to listen to the whispers of God as He leads and guides. November brought the revelation that it is important to have a heart and mind united, and not divided. Along with a busy holiday schedule, December brought wisdom that comes with aging, a time of questioning that brought a brief period of no words, and one last motivational post to challenge myself and others to dig into the clutter.

Just like many of you, I had lots of  ups and downs this year. But looking back I realize HOW FAR God has brought me in this last year. I wouldn't have done one thing differently.

May you be blessed beyond your wildest imagination as you end 2012, and embrace 2013.


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