Saturday, December 29, 2012

Get a hold of the Clutter: Where to start?!

I know there are a few ladies out there who have a whole blog devoted to decluttering your home and your life, and while I love to read and be inspired there are many of our areas that get overlooked! Here is the first post of today I posted on facebook:

It has become a proven fact that the more clutter you have in your homes ~ is pure evidence of the clutter in your life (physical, financial, spiritual). Amazing stuff really. Why not spend the next few days as this year ends reducing the clutter in your life, so that as the new year begins your more clearly focused?!

While it seems to be motivating people and inspiring them to get to it, I have to ask "Where are you going to start?" Sometimes our clutter can be so overwhelming that we don't know where to begin, and simply just give up before we even start. YOU can't do that! There isn't time! We have 3 days of 2012 left, and we if we want to make a noticeable impact in our lives (as well as our homes, cars, offices, etc) then we have to make a plan!

First things first. Why? Why now? Everyone will have a different motive. For me that's easy to answer. My family is about to go through one big transition, and in that process we must be prepared and focused. If you can't find a pen and a piece of paper then your not prepared and how on earth can you focus?! Dig through the clutter and find those two things. This isn't a "it has to be perfect before I can start kind of list" but instead a "let's getter done kind of list" that not only puts the fire under YOU, but gives you strength and motivation throughout the days.

On this list you need to make 4 columns:
Space (Living area, car, office, etc)
Physical (Body)

In each column list at LEAST four things to focus on today.

In the Space Column I may have the following listed for today:
1. Pack away all Spring/Summer clothing as here in Texas Winter has finally stayed around longer then a few days. It's safe to say that the kids shouldn't be wearing shorts outside at least for a couple of months.

2. Declutter all kitchen gadgets. These things take up so much space, and if I haven't used it in a year ~ I don't need it. It's time to find it a new home, or at least get it out of my space. This includes small appliances, kitchen tools, containers, serving dishes, etc.

3. Clean out office desk. (Inside and out) File need to be paid bills, dispose of those paid bills, file former taxes and receipts, declutter the desk drawers. Make a current list of supplies needed: staples, envelopes, stamps, pens, etc.

4. Movie Mania: Time to decluter and go through the movie collection. Scratched DVDs ~ send to the craft room in a zip lock bag for either a craft project or donation to local preschool (Hint hint!). Organize by category ~ or alphabetically depending on your organization taste. (That is a GREAT project to put the kids on!)

5. linen closet ~ Organize towels and sheets, make a list of things that need to be replaced. Those white sales will start in January. Put worn towels in washroom ~ to be used when washing windows/cars/etc. How are your supplies? (TP, lotion, qtips, razors? Make a list of these things too! These are the items that often send us BACK to the store, and blows our budget out the window when we come home with 100 dollars worth of more stuff then was budgeted.)

In the Physical area of decluttering:
1. Eat NO sweets today! ( For the record I have eaten my weight in sugar the last week or so! It's okay to say it's time to detox from the sugar for a few days!)

2. Water! (Winter is the hardest time for me to drink H20 and well if I am to be honest at this very minute I have run out of diet soda! Why not allow that to be the trend for the next few days, and get my body hydrated properly!)

3. Reduce time sitting in front of the computer. It's the weekend! The people we are waiting to hear from are NOT in the office, so that means there is no 'need' to check emails off and on all day.

4. Wait for true hunger before putting one bite into that mouth!

In the Spiritual Column:
1. Write down a scripture that is on my heart to meditate and focus on while working on the other clutter in my life. Today it is: "For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7"

2. As your working on the clutter of your space, why not spend some time in prayer ~ praying for those who God brings to your heart. Also make sure to spend some of that time praising God!

3. Jot down any thoughts that come to your mind that God shares with you while you work. It is amazing how many times God Whispers to us, yet .... we just keep moving in our own way.

4. Make time to read His word, more then a verse.

In the Financial column:

1. Since this is the end of the month, it is time to map out our budget. For me that means getting a calendar page and noting when bills are due, and when paydays are. These must coincide just right to be able to balance our budget in a way where there is left over at the end of the month. Gone are the days of "just gettin by", or simply put spending because we have it!

2. Again, since it is the end of the month it's good to look back at the bulk of our spending from this month. With it being December, there was a big lump portion spent on Christmas ~ gifts, food, etc. As been consistent the last year, I spend way too much in groceries. One of my new years resolutions is to cut back on our grocery/food budget as much as possible.

3. As your decluttering your home, put aside things to put in a garage sale, or use maybe to barter goods from a resale shop/consignment store. Those dishes that came from your great aunt Cindy may not be reasonable for you to keep, but may benefit someone else.

4. Don't get overwhelmed! Trimming your budget doesn't happen instantly!

All in all, if you make an effort and follow through until you find completion ~ then you will tackle all the areas of your clutter!


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