Monday, December 17, 2012

Having no words, does not mean one doesn't have hope!

What do you do when there's no words? I, just sit in prayer ~ and allow God to see into my heart, and release all those worries, struggles, hopes, and dreams. This is how it was on Friday, after hearing the horrific details of the happenings in Newtown Ct. My heart breaks for the families who lost a precious little child. My heart breaks for the families who lost heroic adults who tried all they could to protect these children. My heart breaks for the one labeled "gunman" because somewhere, somehow he lost all hope. I join with parents around our country in love as we hold our children closer, and ... still with apprehension allow them to leave our sides to go to school today. Sadly, Friday's tragedy has probably become someone else's motivation. The only thing to do is .... pray!

I have seen God take one situation and turn it around into something more beautiful then anyone could ever have imagined. Personally. In my own life. No matter how hard life gets we cannot let go of hope!

Yesterday I shared a thought on facebook, but as I sit here this morning I realize that THIS IS why we celebrate Christmas ~ because Jesus HAS come to be the Hope of the World!

"Isn't it so nice to know that you CANNOT earn your way into heaven?! What a burden to constantly feel so guilty for every single choice we make. Sure, we should try to do the right thing but guess what!? WE ARE HUMAN! Jesus came to earth in human form ~ but HE had power within him. Merry Christmas!!!" ~ shared December 16, 2012

JOY to the World... The LORD is born! As hard as life gets, there is one true thing to keep your hope in. Christ Jesus!!! God who came to earth to pay the ransom for our sins ~ in a human form we know as Jesus and who gave us the greatest gifts of all; the presence of the Holy Spirit AND Salvation! I hear how sad people are, how they feel like either life has no meaning or that their life isn't worth living, and I want to shout PRAISE HIM!!!!! Praise Him while  your down ~ and you will see an amazing part of your life turn around! PRAISE HIM when you have no words, because this world has taken them all away! PRAISE HIM when your scared to let your children go, because HE is going to go with them! PRAISE HIM... because He is worthy!


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