Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No elf on our shelf please!

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That's right! There is no elf on our shelf and I am ever thankful!! Sure as an adult the postings of the things people's elves are doing ~ but I am a preschool teacher!!! I also see things on a different influential level then most adults, let alone parents. *sigh*

This won't be a popular post, and I may upset a few but it has to be said! What are you teaching your children through this "elf on a shelf" tradition? That they should obey you ONLY when the elf is around? That the elf has some magical power that can bring something so "severe" as cancelling Christmas? Taunting little children to touch them because they are so little and child friendly yet... if they do their magic disappears?!

How come Santa, or the idea of Santa and kids being good have some 'power' higher then kids being good because that is what is expected?

When are parents going to stop USING things (elves, money, gifts) to get their kids to be kind, helpful, courteous and simply just expect it? What does that teach this generation? That in order for them to be good ~ we have to "pay" them in one form or another? Yeah, that's raising a responsible generation!

Don't think I don't love the fun that Christmas can be. I have kids. I do enjoy it. BUT..... my kids KNOW that there is no one with the power of God ... no one. NO ONE can see all things but God. Santa can't. He doesn't have that power. As a parent though, YOU do have the power and responsibility of teaching your kids what is right and what is wrong. Having to get rewarded to do ONE good thing ~ yeah that is NOT teaching responsibility.

Now, if your elf is being used to teach your child/children kindness, love, and serving then continue on. If your elf is causing mischief and doing things you wouldn't want your child doing.... then maybe it's time to reconsider WHY your doing it to begin with.


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