Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: The Year of the Kiss

I love the idea of having a 'word' for the year ~ and this year it is one that I have had on my heart for a while. Several of my friends have a similar desire, so maybe it is just a "season" of our lives that God is uniting our desires.

Simplicity. That's the Word of the Year. That's my word, my motivation, the driving point behind all I do. This, 2013, I declare the "year of the Kiss" as in Keep It Simple Sillyhead! I desire each day to begin with a "kiss" and end with one as well.

NO matter what I do, or what the desires of my heart are more times then not I make things so much more complicated then one would imagine. More then necessary. God doesn't make it complicated, I DO. My children doesn't make it complicated, I DO. Work/hobbies/etc doesn't make it complicated, I do! I will take responsibility for that. When I let go of the over analyzing, over thinking, and over planning life is so much sweeter! It feels simple, but there is something SO RIGHT in that simplicity of letting go and letting life BE sweet and simple.

When I let life be simple ~ remove the daily clutter, it is so much sweeter and is much more enjoyable for not just me, everyone around me!


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