Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A new thing

This morning I sit here, in the mini office that is now located in our master suite and I think... "wow". What a journey! The blessings that have come upon our family, my marriage, since choosing to move have been just awe inspiring. We may have only moved twenty minutes away from our former home, my husband's childhood home, but it feels like we have entered a whole other world. In a good way!

Now that we have "moved" everything, that means weekends are now ours again. No more house looking, researching, packing, lifting, etc. Over and over this journey has taught me to have trust and faith in God and HIS will for our lives. I have confidence that God is NOT going to bring me this far to drop me. He does not give me dreams deep within my heart to have them fizzle out.

I am looking forward to creating a few things to sell, and writing again. I am looking forward to getting in walks and runs in the new neighborhood. I am looking forward to moving forward in our lives rather then feeling like we are sitting still "waiting".

More blogging is coming! More recipes are coming! Hang in there while things get settled here and you will see..... God IS doing a new thing!


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