Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting settled

We are beginning to get settled into our new home, and this morning I am overwhelmed with God's goodness, grace, favor, and mercy that He gives us daily. AMAZING I tell you!

It got really cold on Sunday, so of course we took that opportunity to stoke our first fire! What a treasured treat that was!! In fact, Monday was my husband's birthday, and even colder so I made sure another fire was lit by the time he got home. It made the evening so cozy, so lovely.

The kids are enrolled into their new school, and are getting settled in their rooms. The twins love their little "boy cave" that they have created, and of course the girl is loving her private spa that is working on in her area of the house.

Even Pumpkin the cat has begun to get adjusted and is showing true signs that he has accepted that this is home, and we aren't leaving him behind. He has scoped out every inch of this place, and knows that he can hide somewhere and not be found unless we are looking for him!

Today I go back to work, after being off for four straight days, and I am READY! I miss those preschool peeps both the ones above four feet tall and below! So very thankful that I love my job enough to realize how much this house buying/moving has taken away from my teaching. Granted, it was necessary, but really ~ it was a full load. Glad to have a few FREE brain cells.

After this weekend, we will be done with the other house, and then comes time to just embrace this lovely place we call home and making it ours with putting up of pictures, deer heads (hubby is an avid hunter), and the things that will put our personality on the walls.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I was "quiet" about the move. Both the house buying process and the move it itself has changed my perspective on many things. There is MORE coming ~ as God continues to reveal my heart and His thoughts on the matter.

Coming soon.... a giveaway! Stay tuned!

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