Thursday, January 24, 2013

KISS & Leave Discontentment behind

In keeping with my word of the year (Kiss) well, you know.... it has to be one word, I am feeling this need to constantly remind myself to do just that. KEEP IT SIMPLE SILLYHEAD! Too often, I complicate things in the weirdest ways.

With the whole house buying process God really worked on my heart to let go of the desire to "lead" my family, and allow my husband to have that position.

The picture above is truly my hearts desire. I LONG to just let my husband lead our family, no exceptions. Society calls me weak. Friends and family may even call me weird. But when I "keep it simple" and follow the husband's lead without intruding... life is so beautiful. Beautiful I tell you.

Maybe it's the move, and all the transitions we have had the last few months, I am just feeling this feeling of uncontentment in trying to find joy and peace on my own. I now NEED my husband's lead. Now don't read that as I am feeling discontented. By no means am I. Let me see if I can explain it better. Yesterday I sat down at the computer on face book, but felt this feeling of "this is not what I want to be doing". So, I lingered on pinterest and that same feeling came over me. I tried to read blogs, and was again feeling like I wasn't "groovin" with it all. So, I left on the podcast I was listening to, and began writing in my prayer journal. Giving it all to God. And guess what?! I was once again at peace, felt joyful, and was completely fulfilled. I am longing to leave and "cleave" to my little family ~ because THEY bring me pure joy. The things that I used to fill my time with no longer brings me the same kind of pleasure. Maybe it's just a phase, maybe it's just the spring like weather. I don't know. What I do know is that not everyone understands this. They may take it personal, feel left out, think since we have moved we forgot them. That's not it. It's just we are in a new phase in our lives, in our daily existence and in some ways I guess it has changed us. It has strengthened us as a family, as husband and wife, even as individuals. It has honestly, opened us to a whole new world while not knowing we were living in this form of oppression (self induced of course), until we got out of there and into our new neighborhood, new town. "Call me crazy" (ha ha now that song is stuck in your head) but I once again feel hope that I can pick up where my writing left off and I have a new found confidence to push forward.

I am learning to trust God's lead, as He is the one who directs my husband's path. I am learning to trust in the situations around me, even if they feel unbearable. May you blessed as you find your footing in the journey that you are on today. Look up, focus on the one who is leading you ~ and praise HIM for every ounce of breath within you! Facebook can't do that for you! Neither can pinterest!

I am not "bad mouthing" Face book or Pinterest in any way. I love both sites and use them both very frequently. There is nothing wrong with either site, and God can use them both to reach the masses. I will be on both sites often, even during this phase ~ so don't think I am saying they have made me discontent.


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  1. I haven't visited your blog in a long while... I kind of needed this post right now... I don't know how it's going to help my current situation but I have a feeling it is... allow to be lead.

    Thank you...


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