Monday, January 7, 2013

Operation Hush Exposed

Operation Hush has been months in the making, lots of cheers, tears, and restlessness, but worth every bit! God has used this time to strengthen our marriage, and create a "commrodary" pulling our family in as one team. All for one, one for all!  A bonding that might not have happened, had we not gone through this entire process the way in which we did.

I can be a strong person, but a person can only be so strong. There were ups and downs I had never experienced before, and in some ways it was a time that God used to strengthen my faith, and let go of being in control.  In fact, most of what we went through was OUT of our control!

And without further ado....... Operation Hush shall be Exposed!


The King Family has found a new place to call home! A place that has much more space for us, better schools for the kids, and a neighborhood that is full of family activity! See those sidewalks? Yes!! A trail in the making for my Saturday morning runs! A place we can call ours!

The home we lived in before this venture, was a home that my in laws had bought and made a family in. It was given to my husband and I as a wedding gift, and we proceeded to live in it and indeed make a family in it as well. It is the only home my husband has ever known. It was my home for 20 years. It served us well, and in  reality we outgrew it years ago! It's hard to leave something so foundational in your life, but this is a step that we have needed to take for a while and one that God himself has directed every part of.

As we move in completely, and get settled I will be sharing more and more pictures of our new home! It has been an adventure that has indeed strengthened our marriage in ways that may not ever have been done. There was a point where I just wanted us to quit the house looking/buying process and run far away from it, and resolve to just stay put. But ... my husband being the pillar of strength that he is for our family, pushed forward and encouraged me along the way to keep the faith, and to just the process. HE is the only person who truly kept me from losing it all together. It was this process that taught me to learn to LOVE to follow my husband's lead, and trust God in that journey all at the same time.

"Poor hubby has been just as up and down as I have emotionally (though he doesn't show it as easily as I do) ~ and it seems I was too much into myself to see it. He really has more of the burden of this, because he wants it so bad for the kids and I. Yet, as each time we are pulled up and down, it's like the knot that holds us together gets tighter ~ and we are closer then ever"
The above is a quote I shared with someone, one of the few I confided in during this whole process. Someone that I knew was praying for us and continued to encourage me and just listen. Now that we are on this side of the process, it feels so surreal. It is clear to see where God's hands truly were, even when what I thought was a setback ~ truly was just His way of moving things along to be just right. Even down to the particular inspector which led to a GREAT savings in our home security system, to the appraiser which gave us a GREAT blessing (by the hand's of God). Even the time our realtor had to take off for vacation ~ truly opened up this particular house to be in our "range" as the seller went down on her price two days before we looked at it!

With a new year beginning, this is a fresh beginning for us all. A whole new township, a whole new neighborhood, a new school district, and yet ... we have each other! Through the process I have been in tears of frustration, but tonight I sit here in tears of joy! We will never be the same! While I am proud of my husband for working very hard to provide for our family, I am so very honored that it was GOD Almighty who got us to where we are and how privileged we are to see His blessings today! May our home always be a place where the love, mercy, grace, and kindness of Christ Jesus will always be felt, and may our home be a safe haven to all who enter!


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  1. Congrats! I know how stressful the whole process is but I can't even imagine doing it after being in the same place for so long! I'm excited for your new adventures!

  2. Congratulations King family!!!! Welcome home. May God bless you fully. May His grace shine upon you and may you continue to make wonderful memories in a new home on a new adventure. Enjoy the ride and grip on to His grace.


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