Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Year of the kiss: Getting started

The Year of the Kiss: Getting started

How do you go from living a life that is complicated, to simply living it in a simple way? Should be easy, but for some it won't be. The biggest thing you have to do.... is let go! Let go of worry. Let go of making perfect plans. Let go of expectations that keep in a complicated lifestyle. For me, it means letting go of feeling like I have to be in control of all the situations around me. Yes, I am an organized person and I do well in that kind of environment, but when the organized becomes more obsessed there's a problem. When the plans I have made get shuffled and change, I don't bounce back easy. This is a learning process, and something God had boldly been working on in me for months now. It's still not easy. But it would be, if I just lived more simple. If I truly gave this situation to God and laid it in his hands, and STOPPED trying to pick it up and "fix" it myself.

So, let's figure this out together! Instead of trying to fix all the things we want to fix, why not focus on what we already enjoy that brings more simplicity to our lives! The best thing you can do is make a list of some of your favorite things to do, and the simple things in life that you enjoy the most.

1. Listening to a podcast that is going to nudge me into the right line of thinking with God and being a wife/mother while tackling some house blessings.

2. Looking at blessing my home by cleaning, organizing, or decorating rather then it being a 'chore'. Being a blessing in the house by doing these things is a blessing not only to my family, but to me! I LOVE having a clean home, that is company ready at a drop of a hat.

3. Baking, and cooking a fabulous meal. I enjoy cooking for my family, and experimenting with new recipes. It is a simple way to show them that they matter to me, and we need to eat anyway!

4. Reading or knitting in the evenings, as my family winds down for the night. Sometimes watching a movie together sometimes listening to music.

5. Sitting outside watching the squirrels and birds while sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee. Listening to the wind rustle in the trees, sweeping leaves down the street. Observing how the drops of rain slowly cover the pavement.

Simple right!? If my focus is on these things for the month of January I would be so happy! It would make my heart leap with joy! It would bring peace and comfort to my soul.

"It is well.. with my soul. It is well, it is well with my soul!"


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