Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kiss: The Best Laid Plans....


This morning I am awoken with a saying on my heart that I can't recall where I have heard it before.

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry"

In other words ~ the best laid plans can get shaken up and go all wrong! This morning I am reminded over and over to simply trust! TRUST! Stop thinking that if it is all planned out it will work out as planned.

In the classroom, I have learned this. When working with preschoolers, in order to have a successful classroom you must learn to be able to "go with the flow". They teach me so much about life. For example they teach me about living with a child like faith, trusting that everything will work out, believing that an "I'm sorry" is enough, realizing it's okay to be different and if others don't like it oh well.

So, now I MUST realize that there are times in life that I MUST "go with the flow" and stop feeling like there must be a plan for everything. THIS is what God is teaching me today! I can plan plan plan all I want to, but if I want to truly live with my steps following His spirit ~ my plans mean nothing! In fact, it hinders God from leading me to something possibly even more beautiful then I could ever imagine.

Don't get me wrong. I don't believe it is wise to be "flighty" and/or believe that God doesn't want us to take some responsibility for our life ~ but how much more fulfilling it can be if we loosen up our tight grip and realize that we don't know everything! We can't foresee the future, yet God has a plan!
It's time to keep it simple ~ and trust HIS plan! Stop feeling like you have to make plan after plan after plan, and stop feeling like a failure when those plans don't come forth. Realize ..... plans should be like a draft ~ not the final review!


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