Monday, February 11, 2013

Kiss: Mind your own business!

The last couple of weeks I have dug my feet into my faith ~ and I have dealt with a few battles that really are NOT mine to deal with both personally and professionally.

It wasn't until Saturday evening I realized how foolish I have been. Remember that post about putting the blinders on?! Apparently *I* needed to be reminded of that post! In fact here is one lesson I must keep reminding myself of:

When we get so focused on the happenings around us, we get confused, torn, and even shattered. In fact, we get disillusioned to the point of falling apart. I speak of this because that is how it is for me. It is so easy to focus on situations around us to the sides, and even behind us. Keeping focus on the moment of now ~ that God has for us to embrace and live, is harder than it seems more so because it is dealing with ourselves.

See, no matter what you do in life, or where you happen to be there is ONE thing that is true. We must keep our focus on God, and the 'now' that is before us. Not even the now that people try to throw at us with their opinions and thoughts of the choices we decide to make. Just as if we were to keep our focus on God, and our own life rather then gathering opinions and thoughts of the choices other's make. So it was Saturday night, and the light bulb of "AHA" came on very bright! It seemed to sing this chorus of "It doesn't matter unless it matters to God!" ~ and that is about MY life, not anyone elses.

I get frustrated many times, and if I were to be completely honest ~ it's a choice. I allow myself to get frustrated because I SEE how easily distracted we can become, focusing on the horizontal world rather then keeping things vertical between God and I. See, it doesn't matter how YOUR life is being handled, and the choices you make. Sure, if I work with you/live with you they do affect me some way ~ but God has a wonderful power that kind of makes that not even matter. This is one of those times, and just about the only one where you can be more self focused then not, where you have to be able to do what God has called you to do and in a way that lines up with HIM alone ~ and not have a care in the world how others are living. If someone in the next cubical/classroom/office is directly going against supervision ~ it doesn't mean YOU have to, need to, or even should desire to. Really, it has nothing to do with YOU! If that was a fist fight (instead of a quiet silent battle), would you jump in and throw punches? I wouldn't! I like my face too much! It's the same thing in the home. If your neighbor was having a hard time being a submissive wife, it doesn't mean you should have a hard time (or even "fix" her). Stay out of it!

There is a scripture in 1 Thessalonians where Paul lays it out VERY clearly.

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, 1 Thessalonians 4:11 NIV

Yep. Mind your business! How simple would life be, how joyful if we would just butt out, live the life God has called us to live, and let go of any expectations OUT of that.


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