Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday's Motivation

I am sitting here looking at this blinking line ... wonder why am I here? Why am I sitting here trying to find the words of my heart, not knowing really what it is I want to share.

I had a dream last night that we were still in transition from our old house to our new one. Thankfully when I arose I realized that the reality of that is that it is over. At least the responsibility of two homes ~ as we have officially sold and closed on the old house. Perhaps there are some old feelings left that need to be resolved that throws me into dreams such as those.

I really LOVE our new home. I adore our neighborhood, the kids that like to just hang out. Each child has made a good friend and has found their 'own' space as they find fitting for them.

I am learning to take it slow some days. Take notice of the good things around me that most people take for granted. Taking moments to look at the sky is something that seems to be more and more important for me to do on a daily basis. To some, that seems silly but let me encourage you too realize that God HAND paints these things for us to see daily! HE chooses what colors will appear and how. It's like when our young children draw us a picture we often awe and gush all over it, sticking it on the fridge. Well... a sunrise/sunset is a painting from God to you!

Breathing slowly embraces the moments of now. It encourages you to enjoy the very breath your taking, and realize how easy it is to take those for granted! Every breath is a gift, and should be a reassurance that God isn't done with you yet. He isn't done refining you, changing you, molding you, and in some ways, He isn't done creating YOU. Sure he began in the womb, but it didn't stop there!! It doesn't stop until that last breath has been taken. If that isn't a beautiful example of true LOVE then I don't know what is.

There are times when I do things that I feel God leading me to do. And a lot of times, I believe that I was led to it by Him... but then I put my spin on it and it gets out of hand. I lose control by trying to take control. I got offended once when i was told (while reading a book) that I am not a good boss, that I don't make good decisions when I am left on my own. And .... it's true! I am NOT a good CEO of this body! So what does that mean on this Monday?

It means ... I wait. I will let God lead me in ALL of the steps of my day. Sure I must go to work, as that is a commitment I am in. But I don't go to work in MY methods, my way. I go in the way He leads me. I have the conversations HE leads me to. I avoid the conversations that provide a quick check in my spirit that lets me know it isn't a conversation I should be having. In other words, I rest in His protection!

The motivation I needed, I found while writing this post! I have found joy! I have found peace. I have found my purpose for the day. To simply BE and let God lead.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder to make an effort to notice and to thank God for the GOOD THINGS around me every day.
    I was offline for three months, but obviously, now I'm back and glad to find your blog is still going.
    --May you have a blessed week (I'm sure you will!)


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