Friday, March 1, 2013

5 minute Friday: Ordinary

For the first time in a long time I have chosen to participate in 5 minute Friday! Why I haven't been is beyond me, but I am honored to get to be a part of something so beautiful!

Object: Write for 5 consecutive minutes on one topic. "Unscripted. Unedited. Real."
Topic: Ordinary

If you read my post yesterday, this goes right along with my heart at the moment! Ordinary. I am not. Ordinary I am often drawn to because it looks like a less chaotic mind ~ yet it is isn't. It looks normal. Yet it isn't! Ordinary LOOKS appealing, yet ...... if you get stuck trying to be "ordinary" ..... it feels horrific.

I am a robust (in voice, energy, etc) woman. I am not quiet. I can be quiet ~ almost deafening at times, but it is not how I would describe myself. If I AM quiet I am pondering something life changing (ya know, what color should I do my toenails this summer, should I write a book, is there something that I can change in my classroom to reach so and so better, those kinds of things).

Ordinary is a trap. A trap of nothing. A trap of lies that if you get entangled in them .... you lose who YOU are in the process. I was becoming ordinary..... and I could feel the life within me draining. It was daunting to be ordinary. It was .... not what I want for my daughter, and not what I want for myself.

Ordinary could be  a prison of sorts ~ if allowed to continue. We have a prison full of "ordinary" criminals. Sure, they all have a tale to tell ~ and it may sound horrific, but ... they fell in the trap of lies, greed, lust, etc. Ordinary leads to failure. Ordinary ...... chokes the life right out of you.

Start time: 6:37
Stop time: 6:41


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  1. Great post. I find it quite amusing that classroom management and painting your toes are of equal importance. However, I only laugh because I understand exactly what you mean.


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