Thursday, March 14, 2013

The fight of your life

There are many things that truly bring me JOY. Sadly, there are many things that will ZAP that joy just as quick as I find it. But .... what good is JOY if you don't legitimately fight for it. I mean boxing gloves on, sweat on the brow, full force fight. Like labor when giving birth ~ not letting up until the fight is over ~ and pure JOY is continually birthed in the moments of my day. Not that my days are perfect, but that I can experience the JOY of the Lord.... through it all ~ boxing gloves on or not!

I am learning, that the most important thing is to live this life in peace and joy ~ which can ONLY come from God Almighty, and allowing Him to lead and guide me. It isn't the responsibility of my husband to bring me peace. It isn't the job of my children to bring me joy.  My life is nothing, if I am not trusting God in all areas of my life ~ from my health to finances, to my marriage and parenting. I am nothing on my own.

This is one of those moments I must learn to guard my heart, my eyes, and what I give my time to. Even some well meaning conversations of late ~ tend to lead me astray looking to the world for something that God has directly told me is HIS alone for me to trust in. Words spoken, well meaning I am sure, that cut like a knife reminding me that I will never live up to the expectations of people who do not accept that sometimes the way things are right now are good enough ~ and that is more beautiful then what might could be. Conflicts in conversations because God indeed is enough ~ and I not only adore Him, but appreciate all that He has given. I have grown out of the "what I have is not enough" phase of my life, no longer craving the material things of this world and instead being overwhelmed at what God HAS already given me ~ me, someone is no more worthy of a hill of beans ... is living the life of her dreams. And if that isn't enough for someone else, who am I to try to comply with that?

So amazing how just a few minutes in the presence of the throne room can shut those voices down, and His wisdom becomes so clear. That day in and day out you are truly in for the fight of your life ~ choose life, or choose death. As for me, I choose life and that means keeping the connection plugged in to God Almighty alone ~ and not into the wisdom of this world that looks and sounds so good. "Oh be carefuly little eyes what you see... oh be careful little ears what you hear" ~ it's not just a childhood song ~ it is for us all.


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