Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's reflection

As I sit here this morning, I hear worship music coming from the teen's room, the dryer singing it's humming lullaby, a podcast on my own computer teaching me about putting God first, this is how our week starts! I couldn't be happier!

The coffee is steaming, tasty, and a good jolt to start the day. The shoulders are feeling the effects of moving a heavy desk ... and moving it again. Not pain, just a reminder of the day before. A reminder that each day we have tasks that need to be completed, and sometimes they leave reminders to remind us of our productivity, or perhaps even lack of it.

Lately, I haven't spent much time online ~ let alone blogging. It hasn't been out of laziness but instead of taking care of the people in my life who have needed me. The husband's oldest sister passed away, so it was spending time with him as he grieved, making sure the kids were okay and their questions answered about death, cancer, heaven. There was revelation this week in the classroom as I have seen some kids bloom at an amazing speed, and questions answered as to some who are struggling. Watching, observing, to see what the last steps of our school year needs to be as plans are completed. Teen drama, taking over in the process and realizing that being 13 is one of the hardest things a girl has to go through. One way or another ~ whether your on the instigating side of the drama or the receiving end. LOVE hurts ~ and hurting people hurt others. What a precious time to pull her back in, and allow her to be grasp that last bit of childhood while she can. Being on the brink of womanhood, yet... longing to be free as a child.

Through God Almighty, I have grown more in tune with HIS desire for our lives then ever before in the last few months. Moving was a big step ~ but it has opened a door to completely let go of that comfort zone that we found comfort in, yet strangling ourselves at the same time. I did not realize how much of a hindrance living in a comfort zone can be to not only actual physical growth ~ but spiritually as well. Now, please don't get me wrong ~ being comfortable in your life is important. BUT... sometimes that same comfort holds us back from ever experiencing this WHOLE life that God has for us! Do I know what that is? No. But I am willing to let go of my expectations of what a comfortable life is, and how I think it should be ran to let Him lead me. The more I learn to let go and let Him lead, I am happier, my life is full of more joy, AND even in conflict ~ I grow! Does it hurt? Yes, sometimes. But even in the hurt, I am drawn closer and closer to God Almighty!

I know this is a hodge podge kind of post. A Monday reflection kind of post so that my mind is free to begin again! Have a blessed day, and I will be back on a regular writing schedule soon.


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