Tuesday, April 30, 2013



This is one of those posts that if you know me well ~ you just have to read it and see HOW it applies to you, instead of dissecting it to see what exactly I am sharing. Does that make sense? This is one of those posts that God is going to use differently in each person who reads it. I haven't even written it yet I can feel that deep within me. So, do yourself a favor. Don't try to read between the lines, just read it and digest it and see what God can do!

Since about the start of the school year (End of August, beginning of September) I have been in a season of harvest in my life ~ professionally, personally, and in our family. This school year I have been able to see God do amazing things in these little lives, mine included. This school year, we began the search for a new home, went through the tedious process, and have been living in our home for three months now! My marriage with my husband is better then it ever was ~ not that it was bad, but we have grown so much together that I would never want it to go back to like it was.

Redemption is about deliverance. Deliverance from the act of destruction whatever that destruction may be.

Redemption is about losing GREED ~ the desire for more. Redemption is found in contentment! Redemption is a gift that gives back, over and over!

Redemption is about healing ~ of the mind, relationships, the heart. Without redemption, healing cannot be received.

Each morning you wake up, you have been given the gift of redemption IF you accept it! Each day, that God Almighty gives you ~ is your chance to find redemption in relationships, in your health, in your faith.

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