Thursday, May 23, 2013

Is it fruitful?

Is it fruitful?

I sit here and am in complete awe of how God just works so intimately in our lives. Well, first let me change that statement! I am in awe of how God just works so intimately in our lives when we ALLOW Him to! There have been many blessings I am sure I have missed out on because I was too stubborn to let Him lead ~ and I follow. Because sadly, I think I "knew" better then He which I did not.

We are at the end of the school year, and like many teachers I am ready for summer! NOT because of the kids, the work, or even the daily grind. No. I am ready ~ to find rejuvenation! I am ready for a few slower days where I can spend time focusing on my own children and husband. As many teachers though, some of that time in the summer is spent finding fresh ideas for the classroom, and new ways to teach the same stuff. Why? Because either something I will find is better .... or in some sense, more fruitful.

Fruitful. Meaningful. Lasting. Life giving! That is what I am searching for. These things. Not only in the classroom, but in general.

I am even asking how I am spending my time. Is it fruitful? Does it bring life? Is it meaningful? Is it lasting? These are good questions to weed out things of our lives that are indeed not fruitful, and open the doors to much time, energy, and effort into things that are showing signs of life!

I have had to make a few decisions in my life recently that wasn't easy for me. From someone looking on the outside inward, it may seem callous or harsh or even uncaring. But, when I know God is calling me to let go and allow HIM to be that (thing/relationship/activity) in my life I must obey. It is no different then obeying Him in taking care of our home, staying up under the authority of my husband, doing as my boss at work asks of me. Sometimes the things He asks us to do isn't easy. It hurts. But the JOY and the blessings that come from going through the hard things and seeing HIS glory at the end of it is amazing. There is peace in following HIS lead.

Living a life that is fruitful, is one of the most life giving things. Life giving in your circumstances, and even in your quiet moments alone. Life giving in your career and how you bless your home. Life giving in relationships and lives around you. It all becomes meaningful, lasting and truly amazing.

I have been in activities that were NOT life giving. They became daunting, unpleasant, and I became someone I am not. I have been in relationships/friendships that were NOT life giving. Instead, they became again daunting, unpleasant, and sadly .... it encourages people to become someone they are not. I am NOT one to question God and if I am involved in a relationship/friendship that makes me question that .... it is NOT life giving, not fruitful. If how I am spending my time makes me come away from it feeling overwhelmed (not in a way that it is evident that God is working), drained, or like I just wasted a day ... it is NOT life giving, not fruitful.

Teaching preschool is life giving to me because I see little lives changed before me ~ not because of who I am, but the gift God has placed within me.
Making crafts is life giving to me, as I create beauty with my hands and God's creativity.
Writing is life giving to me. It takes the words and feelings that are so deep within me, and makes them come alive!
Taking care of my family and home are life giving to me.
Nurturing real friendships, both old and new, are life giving to me. I love to see how God is working in the life of these relationships and see how HE is glorified by them.

If you are in a place in your life where you feel like your life is drained, and it's barren it's time to evaluate things. Pray, and have God reveal to you what it is your doing that isn't indeed fruitful. God is the giver of LIFE! He wants you to live!


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  1. What a beautiful post with so much truth!! Well said! :)


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