Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's NOT a mom thing ~ it's a GOD thing!

On Sunday I posted about giving my daughter her childhood back. Little did I know how much would change in just a few days!

The peace that is in our home regarding our TEENAGER is an amazing thing! I have seen her go from one tired, cranky, and almost undesirable child to be around to this sweet, kind, and encouraging girl! Who knew taking away these little "distractions" would really begin to change her heart, and mine. I realized through the last month and a half, almost two how living a life of comparison to not only the other's around you ~ but to false realities just the same zapped the life right out of you (and the people around you). As I began to realize how sweet of a change this has been, God brought to my ears a scripture and then I had to go find it myself.

4 Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else, 5 for each one should carry their own load. Galatians 6:4-5 NIV

Amazing is it not? This wasn't just a quirky "mom" thing ~ it IS INDEED a GOD thing! We must teach our children (and ourselves) that it is displeasing to God to live a life of comparison! Not only is it difficult to test our own actions (take responsibility in what choices we make) if we are comparing our choices with other's .... it can bring doubt into our life. Doubt that maybe we are not living the life God would desire for us. Doubt in that maybe we are not filling our roles that we were created for.

How does removing her 24/7 access to social media sites and the like take away the life of comparison?! Well, I cannot guarantee it does. BUT.... it clears the way. Her focus is no longer on looking at someone's comment on a picture posted, or comparing her hair/body/clothes to someone else. My husband and I are NOT raising our children to be superficial and materialistic. If they want to "pout" or "sulk" because we say no... then that is an attitude we need to work on. A parent's job is not to give each thing our children ask for. Do we want to? Well we want to give them things, but it's not our main goal in life. We like to give them something every now and then "just because", out of the blue. Not asked for, just a surprise. Why? There is amazement and much gratitude. If we give all the time, and everything they ask for ~ there is NO amazement, and gratitude is hard to find. Removing the outside influence opens the heart for gratitude and excitement of what is happening right now, at this moment before our very eyes.

Would I open that door back up for her? Not on your life! :) Have I been changed by this? Absolutely! God has really taken this "little" thing ..... and given back so very much. I am so glad that I chose to follow His lead, and as hard as it was at the moment ~ it is a HUGE reward! Obedience rocks! (Even as an adult!)


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