Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Okay!

I am growing and being challenged all at the same time as of late. But you know what?! It's okay! There are times in our lives when what we believe is questioned, even snubbed at but in reality it doesn't matter. If it changes things, then it is either because you realize that yes what you believe is right for you and a place where God has for you at this moment or.. it was never meant to be, and now it's time to move on. Choices. Choose! But either way, it's okay!

I am also learning that sometimes sharing too many deep personal things with just anyone isn't always what God would desire of us. Yes, HE wants us to share things ~ and yes, even personal things, but more often then not we are called to change and not demand that others notice this change. If the changes we are wanting to make are being done so others can see the changes, then the motive is wrong. I am also learning that it's okay to be reserved in sharing what you are going through at the moment because perhaps the person/people you desire to share it with are not ready to hear it! Did you get that?! It's taken me years to figure this out! I am always wanting to share but ..... I am learning how it isn't always wise ~ even with pure motives.

Our internet service isn't the best connection or is it? See, I have been having issues with blogging/and facebooking. I long to write, to share, but the internet isn't cooperating as much. Now, I have a feeling that it wasn't just the connection ~ or the internet connection at least. I truly believe God has blocked the whole thing to protect me from sharing what I need not to share. And you know what?! It's Okay!

I do however hope to be back to posting regularly as God leads! There is going to be a fun little giveaway coming up over at The Happy Homemaker Perspective! Four more weeks of preschool, and we are out for Summer Vacation! That usually means more pinning, posting, and sharing!


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