Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A little bit of summer....

The posts of late, have just been things building that needed to be released! I enjoy having a safe  place to share, even if it truly is just sharing for myself.

I have been on "Summer Vacation" for exactly 10 full days (not counting today), and I am already being reminded that Autumn is coming! How crazy is that?! While summer is here though, I am going to enjoy each and every day! For the next six days I will be spending time taking care of my mother in love ~ something I do every year this time in June. During that time, I will also be working on some school plans (as I am adding a few new things into our year), reading, working on a rug that I started for the girl before we moved (YIKES!), and begin making a few patriotic decorations for the house for the 4th of July! When I return back home it will be yardwork, a water play day, deep cleaning day, a date with my momma, and who knows what else! OH this week, I will also be catching up on some blogging, redecorating around the blogs, and simply just embracing each moment as a gift!

Be back with a new post this evening!


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