Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Change is just a cycle unless it involves a transformation!

This morning, as I took a morning walk God really began to just pour into my heart and soul this lesson of change. People of this world HATE change, or anything to do with change. It often puts us in out of our comfort zone, and more often then not ... if the change isn't genuine, it is an open door to failure.

No matter what in our life that we desire change for, it totally has to come from inside. From deep down and from every fiber of your being. Whether it be with weight loss, quitting a habit, reigning in your finances, even to complete parenting. Change is change, unless it simply remains a cycle. You know lose 10 pounds gain 10 pounds (if not more), quit smoking/drinking for a week to only return to it by the weekend, getting involved with your child's education until your busy in your own life again. Whatever change it may be ..... here is what God whispered:

1) Complete change does not come simply by switching one activity for another.
2) Complete change does not come simply by removing a certain food/drug/etc or relying on someone's list of do's and dont's. If your good at it, it simply means you can follow directions and you'd probably make a good robot.
3) Complete change transforms you from the INSIDE out.
4) Transformation totally reverses the effects of that which you wanted to change in the first place and without any real extra effort!
5)Transformation cannot be faked, mocked, or even mimicked. It's genuine. And in reality it is a matter of the heart!

God has indeed began a work of transformation deep within me. Deep within my inner being that is hard to describe. It's one of those "wow" moments that can only be understood when you go through it. It is almost as if you can feel God's hands weaving you moment by moment to be more of what He intended you to be from the beginning yet with the calmness even in the unsurity of how it will all turn out.

In the midst of this transformation, I am learning one thing. The way we view life, is often how we will live it. If we view life as one big defeat.. then we will sadly feel defeated from the time we wake up until we go to bed. If we view life as a gift ~ then by golly we will look for the various gift additions throughout the day and LIVE like we are given that gift. And as parents, whether we know it or not we are raising a whole generation one way or another. Will they see today as a gift, or will they wake up defeated? What about you? Now that maybe you understand. The choice is yours!


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