Monday, June 10, 2013

The first summer post.... and it's this?!

Let Summer Begin!

I am just amazed, at how quickly time passes. Faster then I can almost comprehend. It seems like just a few weeks ago it was early January and we were moving into our new home, yet here it is and they completed a whole semester at the new school!! And here we are, resting in the beginning of a new season of our lives.

Speaking of seasons. I feel like God has yet again called me into a new season as well. In fact I know He has, and though it is a beautiful thing I almost feel like a vine that is being pruned and cut, though I know that the pruning is needed for pure and fresh growth it still hurts. I have had to remove myself from fellowship with various people that have been in my life for years. Why? Because I felt God specifically ask me to withdraw myself. Was it easy? No. Was it harsh? Some could say yes, but sometimes God is going to test our hearts ~ see where our focus is. Is it on His best for us, or our own desires for our flesh (emotions)? Then I have to remember ~ "its not about me"! Who am I to be sad to realize that a friendship was for a season, not a life time. Who am I to pine over conversations that will never be entertained again ~ yet He has filled that time with so much more. Who am I ... to stand in the way of what God is trying to do ~ not just in my life, but in the lives of the ones let go. Perhaps I was the one in the way of Him being able to do what He needed to in their life? Oh my!

This morning I was sad, but I knew .. that I would indeed find resolve quickly ... resting in Him! And I was gently reminded that this "pining" feeling I was feeling for lost friendships were indeed a "self focus" and really began to take away the joy I was finding in the freedom of giving God my all ~ looking to HIM to fill the simplest of needs .. even that of good solid conversation that wasn't self focused but instead GOD focused!

So, where do I go from here? Do I run back to old friendships... looking for what once was, or do I rest in Him, allowing myself to bask in the current friendships I have at this moment? Looking at it like that ~ the decision is easy!

This is my first post of the summer, and it is this? Yes. Because this season I am is indeed is about just this. Waiting on Him to fill EVERY need I have ~ even that of friendships/relationships that He has ochestrated for at the least... today. And by doing that ~ there is no pining or even longing for something that is not. Just pure and holy Joy... because I realize He is indeed all I need. When I put that relationship FIRST, He fills every need I could possibly have including fellowship!


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