Thursday, June 13, 2013

Word of the day: Contentment

This morning I have arisen with the word "Contentment" on my heart, mind and deep within. So the thing I was really wanting to do is to search "contentment" in God's word. If I really want to know why I am feeling this, and how to keep it then indeed I need to go to the source of what God intended with the word.

If they obey and serve Him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment. Job 36:11
But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and we can nothing out of it. 1 Tim 6:6-7

Yesterday I accomplished one of my goals for the summer. Yes, already. And while it is NOT 100% done ... I am pretty pleased. I tackled (with God's prompting) the daunting garage! When we moved in January, the garage became a dumping zone. Each time we brought a load we got to where we thinned it out a bit at a time, but then life took over, and well it was just down right embarrassing! I kept being told by friends that it's normal for the garage to be a dumping ground and that even though they have moved way sooner then I, they still had boxes. I don't want to accept that it is okay! For me, it is NOT okay! Why? Because, I can't find contentment in a mess. I can't find JOY knowing that something needs to be done, yet I am not taking the time and energy (that God is providing) to take care of it.

There is an old saying " Cleanliness is next to Godliness".  No, it is not scripture. But if you really focus on the meaning behind it ... perhaps it's original intent it makes sense. While as happy homemakers we can clean with a happy heart because there is contentment in taking care of that which God has given us to do. There is NO reason to grumble while taking care of that which God has given you ~ whether it be an apartment, town house, condo, home, beach house, shack whatever! It is just what God has given you for this moment. Perhaps a test in to see how you take care of that gift. I firmly believe if we do not take care of what He has ALREADY given ~ He will not give beyond. More then a clean home/car/business God wants us to have a clean heart! When we are obedient to that which He has given us to do, we open ourselves up to finding pure clean contentment with whatever we are given in this life. When we are content, we find joy and live a fulfilled life! We have no desire to live beyond our means, long for what others have, or even sit idly while our homes/hearts/ marriage/ children crumble and become destroyed. NO! We become READY for the next thing that He gives us to do. We become OPEN MINDED and open hearted to whatever He asks of us. We become ... selfless in our actions, time, and energy.

Today as I walk through the day, I pray that God continues to lead the path before me to follow Him and His lead. For He has great plans for me (and you), but if we don't keep the eyes before us (solely on HIM alone ~ not this world) we can become so lost and get off track so easily. Contentment comes from following His lead, and doing exactly as He asks of us.... moment by moment / day by day.


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