Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A well rounded blog: Upcoming blog schedule

I have been too distracted when it comes to sharing the written word that is deep within me. Hidden. Undisclosed. Call it writer's block if you will, whatever it may have been ~ I am feeling inspired to round out this blog back to what it once was. A tiny (well.. sorta) glimpse of the various aspects of my life packaged together and all wrapped up with a pretty little bow. ONE blog... with a little taste of everything! How is it possible? This is how!

Monday: Motivational Monday
I believe in living life ~ not just surviving it! Monday's are a GREAT day in grabbing your week and getting motivated to push through the struggle to embrace each moment as the gift they were intended to be!

Tuesday: Tantalizing Tuesday
I enjoy cooking! So, Tuesdays will be dedicated to menu planning, recipe sharing, and maybe even a few 'pins' that have caught my attention!

Wednesday: Weigh to go Wednesday
Since loosing the weight back in 2008, it has remained to be pretty important to me. I took a few years off, experimented with a few other plans and have come to a good conclusion. We were made to move otherwise our joints wouldn't bend. We were made to eat, otherwise our tummies wouldn't growl. We were NOT made to over exercise or over eat. Balance! Wednesdays will be dedicated to just that . Weigh in's, workouts, etc.

Thursday: Thankful Thursday
Gratitude is a wonderful trait! When we become thankful and content where we are in our lives and all the little things around... it opens our minds and hearts to be accepting of even more of the "tiny" things that don't matter to some but are the world to others.

Friday: Family Moment Friday
My precious family is everything to me! On Friday's I reserve this space to share in whatever may be going on here at home either with the kids, parenting, what have you.

Saturday: Shake it Up Saturday
This is a "free style" blogging day! A day where who knows what I may post!

Sunday: Sweet Sound Sunday
A tender devotional for the week ahead sharing God's word with a personal life lesson for wives, mothers, women alike.

So there ya have it! Something new to look for each day!


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